Hi friends,Here we are going to see about SCM.
SCM stands for Software Configuration Mangement.SCM is a nothing but a set of activites that are taken to the control change by identifying the key areas which are going to change. Also SCM is the main factor of software quality assurance.

SCM activites are developed to
* Identify the change
* Control the Change
* Report the changes to others.
* Check whether the change is properly implemented or not.

Needs for SCM:
Normally software configuration includes computer program documents that describe the computer programsand also contains the datas that are in the program.Whenever changes occur,the number of software configuration items grows rapidly.

what are Reasons to changes?
*New Business Condition
*Market condition
*New customer needs
*Scheduling constraints

Now we see about the baselines for SCM.

Baselines for SCM:
It is necessary to set a base line for each and every phase of the software development life cycle.

Above are the need and baseline for SCM(Software Configuration management).
SCM was used in the field of software Engineering.

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