Ofcourse we all know about software.But before using any software, it undergoes many types of testing and then it is used by as.
ok.we know about softwares,now we know about the different types of software testings.
Basically there are 8 different types of software testing available.

1.Functional Test:
This test is used to exercise the code with the common input values for which the excepting values are available.

2.Performance Test:
This test is used to determine the widely defined performance of the software system ,such as an exception time for various given modules,response time for the modules and the effective device utilization.This test is used to identify the weak points of a software system and to make proper alteration to make the software system better for use.

3.Stress Test:
This type of test is designed to break the software module.This test determines the strength and the limitations of the software.

4.Recovery Test:
You know that many computer based systems must recover from faults and resume processing within a specified time.Like that it is one of the system test that forces the software to fail in a variety of ways and verifies that recovery is properly planned and performed.

5.Security Test:
Security is one the most important thing of a software. This testing attempts to verify the protection mechanisms built into the system is good,in fact,protect it from improper penetration.During this testing,the tester plays the role of the individual who is to desires to penetrate the software system.

6.Testing in the Small & Large:
If the testing procedure deals with the individual modules,procedures and functions,then it is called as Testing in the Small.Testing in the large is devoted to integration testing when the system is developed out to some already constructed moduls.

7.Black Box - White Box Testing:
The testing is focused to concentrate on both the logical sequence or internal structure of the program code and the design procedure of various modules and their inter connections.
So Black Box and White Box Testing are used.

This types of software testing is very useful for the students who are all studying Software.

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