Now you can earn up to Rs. 5 per a web link back to an article on Read below instructions.

Below are the instructions to post links on famous user query/answer sites:

  • Post any article on on any topic you wish
  • Post answers to the users queries on websites like Yahoo Answers, Rediff Answers, Wiki Answers etc., and give a link back to the article you have posted on
  • And the last point you need to do is post the link where you have posted the answer by clicking the Post Web Link.

Make sure that you have given the proper reference with the answer. Posting an article on business and give that link for the answer on entertainment makes no sense. Such links will not be considered for cash reward. You can post links back to any article on and it need not be an article posted by you.

Another important point you need to remember is that the anchor name of the link should be the same as the name of the link on for example, if you have posted an article with the title as "Steps to register for a bank account"; then the link name should be same as the title. You can achive this by using the anchor link tag as shown below.

<a href="url of the article on">Steps to register for a bank account</a>

Here the value for href should be the link to the article you have posted on Some site may allow you to edit the links visually. Whatever the method you use, if you post the link with the title, you can make money from that link. Please do not spam the other websites with the same content as your account may get blacklisted. Please also do not use any abusive language.

After you have posted the link on any website, please submit the URL of the link by clicking Submit Web Link menu item. We will review the link you have posted and credit the money to your account.