www.boddunan.com , What can I say the tag line "Information Creates Wealth" defines it ,whats it is all about?

This community pays you for just post your self-written articles. Now what can be better than that?

It offers various categories to post in. These categories itself gives you a clue or direction to write an article.

There are no restrictions on the topic of article ,you write on any topic but in your own words.

I feel there are many members that do prefer Copy-Paste method.

But please have a look on this article on "Death of Originality".

You may say that what can you write and on which topic. I give you an example:

(say) You are a student from (say) Engineering (say) from Mechanical field/branch, then you can write on articles like how machines works select any machine or component write on it's introduction, materials, working, construction,concept, advantages, disadvantages,application,your recommendation,etc.

This will earn you around Rs. 65-70 per article(it is just an estimation) .

Okay this was in mechanical context if you are from say civil then you can write on the construction of any building or a bridge describing all the details( please don't copy from any where else, you can refer websites but write in own words)

If you are from electrical, then write about the theorem used in building circuits ,all details.

And if you are from Computer or IT branch, then you can write on any concept or new technology like Microsoft dotNet, Office , Operating Systems, programming languages, describe any concept its application, merits,demerits.

 Write articles on topics you know the best , share it and earn money, That's it!!

I guess many of the members here are not actively participating in the forums and posting articles. I would like to tell you that this new community is growing at a faster rate and  will adopt the Google Ad sense Revenue Sharing Program within 6-12 months and this step will definately increase your earnings and benfits from this website.

Just registering and posting one or two articles will not earn you money, if you are really serious to earn from your Knowledge then be active member of this community.

 There is Forums introduced and also a "Member Of the Month(MOM)" award added. The winner of MOM will be rewarded with Rs. 500.00, there is a great work done by webmaster to improving and developing this website.

Also the webmaster are supportive and responsivewho are ready to guide you.

So What are you waiting for just Login and Start posting Articles.


Please feel free to ask any queries in the Forum.



Atul Barapatre


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