Google Adsense is the most very popular income source for many online users and bloggers.The normal fact is if we are a regular visitor of any website then we ignore ads and we resd only the content in the website and close it.So the website owner get less earning everyday.This is due to the placement of the ad and due to the color blindness.

If you want earn more in Adsense,you have follow two things.

1.Placement of Ads

2.Color of the Ads

The most important thing is color.The color of the ads must not be too attractive or thick,which separates the ads more the content of the website.Ads must be in Dim Colour or the color which matches the content of the website.

To select the neat color for ads

Goto Adsense Account->Setup Page->Select your Ad size and choose the palette by clicking on "Multiple Color Palette" option .You will be redirected to another page.Here you can select more than one color palette for your Ad.The Ad will change every time with the selected color palettes.

I'm sure that your earnings will increase after doing this.

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