Now days the uses of Internet has drastically increased and this is the reason most of the advertisement companies are moving towards Internet.

Because the best place is now topromote their product is web sites and blogs.

But how they choose the blogs and web sites to show there ads?

When a site owner wants to publish there advertisement on there site then they have to apply for publisher account and that advertisement company will check there web site, content , traffic visit per month after that they decide whether accept there application or reject there application if also they get accepted then they show the advertisement matching to there contents in their web sites or blog.

If the blog contents child related matter then they will show some ads like Baby pad,some abby oil, shampoo, pediatric hospials etc, suppose the site content about somwe youth related then they willshow ads of Bikes, computers, jeans wear etc, suppose that site content of Finance related then they will show ads Insurance companies, broking house, banks for loan etc.

Now the thing is that how every Individual can amke money from blogging?

First go to

Then create a blog there You do not have to do anything they have already ready made templates available you just have to choose which one you like then write some content ( what ever you like) then ad some pictures related to that content and update your blog every week and after six month apply for AdSense publisher account and see how you are making money.

Initially you May feel it is tough but in the process you have learnt so many things.

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