Most of us the people having Adsense account and are posting the blogs, forum posts and some of them are using their own websites to publish the Adsense ads. However, only few people get succeeded in generating the good revenue (Please make a note that I marked the word Good Revenue in bold).

For the comparison purpose, take only website only. Still only few people gets the good revenue but not all. Even if you compare two or more people who are having same profile of posting same number of posts might have got different amounts of Adsense revenue.

Can you guess the reason behind this? If not read below to Improve Adsense Click Through Rate (CTR) and Page Impressions.
  1. You can go by illegal way of asking the other people to click on Adsense ads and their by kill your Adsense account. But that is not the destination we want.The goal of all of us is to get the good number of visitors to our pages and make them to stay on our page till they read entire posts.

    You may get a doubt like if he stay more time on our page and read entire page, why he will click on ads and he may move on to another page? This is not true. The proved fact is that the more the visitor of your page convinced in reading the entire content, the more chances of him to take the next page from your page, most probably through the relevant ads. It depends on how good your ads located in reach of the visitors eye sight. We will see this in next point.

  2. Now the major problem is "Where to place my Adsense Ads and which type of Ad I have to select?". If you are a owner of a website and using Adsense, you have to take care of the placement and type of the ads that your are placing on your website. The most successful type of ad is the large rectangle(336 x 280).The color, ambiance, placement, borders etc are the most important and integral parts of an Ad that will drastically change your CTR rates as well as the amount of time the visitors of your site stays with your site.

    These properties are not only true for Ads but also for your site content. For the users of, this problem has been solved by the administrators of this site by taking care of the ad format and colors etc. All you have to take care of your content, that we will discuss in the next points.

  3. The next point is how many ads you need to place on your site. The good number of ads is 3 text ads and a max of 1 link ad per page. Better to use the large rectangle ad in the place according to the max eye sight of the visitor. The more the number of ads you place, the more the visitor gets annoyed. He may not spend more time on the page which so much spread with the ads.

  4. The content of the site is the most important of all of the factors. The deciding factor for the type of ads that appear in your ad slots is your content. The ads will be mostly relevant to your page content.So how do you ensure that the ads are relevant to the content that you want. Make sure to bold the words that you wanted to highlight. You need not colorize or design them to make them highlighted. The Adsense Search Engine will look for the Keywords mostly that are formatted in bold but not all of them. Make sure the keywords are relevant to your content.

  5. The next point is formatting of the content. Most of the people have the habbit of writing tens of lines of content without any spacing/breaks and the worst part is they will not use proper capitalization of the words.Give enough number of breaks in between the paragraphs you are writing. That will appeal good to the readers of the page and make them interested in reading the content. Make sure to capitalize the first letter of every sentence and also some keywords like Google.

  6. The members of some blog sites like Blogger, Wordpress etc, have an option of giving the tags. The tags are the crucial parts in deciding the keywords by the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Adsense Search Engine etc. So make sure to give relevant and appropriate keywords as tags for your posts.

Watch out this space for more tips on improving the Page Impressions and CTR of your site ads.

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