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I will take some time to trust others.I must observe him and then trust him.

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yes i used to. but blind trust is not what is appreciable in this world. analysis of situation and person before trusting is very important.
Sometimes i believe the stranger too.That is my weak point
yes delhi teaches a lot and I have also learnt not to trust anyone and something called street-awareness only after staying at delhi.
Even I used to trust people very easily. but due to some people who broke my trust I started not trusting people until I study them

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

i never trust anyone so easily, if he is with me also i will think before trusting them as in mordern world the human mind will change on anytime..

We can trust a stranger to an extent only because we know that if we trust them beyond that then at some point of time in our life we have to regret for it. We could only trust a person if we know that person closely and his or her activity is of not suspicious in nature...!
no i does not trust on stranger easily first of all we try to know that one.
Yes, we can trust stranger upto certain extent and we can share our secrets if we feel we won't meet that person anymore again in our life

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Do you trust strangers easily ?

I can judge them by their first look so if I find them trustworthy i would trust them.

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