Women Education

Women, one of the most beautiful beings to exist in this world. Throughout the history, women have always faced discrimination and difficulties. History is evident how women faced discrimination and how they rose againest it. They have always been suppressed because of the traditional orthodox that never existed in the first place. 

      The traditional orthodox that never existed is the creation of illiterate. First the womens freedom was snatched, then their every right. A women that is responsible for the creation should not be confined by traditional orthodox. A women is created to soar through skies like birds but we confined their freedom on the basis of our traditions which never existed. A women should be educated. They have the equal rights to it. They aren't inferior to any other .

  An educated women can make anyone's life either heaven or hell. Education itself teaches the wisdom of being open minded. Open minded educationist can never agree with our traditional orthodox. A women can become equal to men and even superior because of their open mindednes and intelligence. 

   A women is responsible for the educating the new life's that come in this world. Wether a child learns the knowledge of heaven or the knowledge of hell, it depends on his mother. An educated women can make these new life's to become the shining stars of wisdom. She can teach them how to love, support, care, what's wrong and what's right but the educationless mother can't each a child enough knowledge for him to find even difference between right and wrong . 

   An educated women is the dream of every husband, she is the only person that a husband can tell about his sorrows and joys. She can understand and support him as she knows what is right to do. She can take him from the darkness of the abyss and show him the way to find the answers for every questions.

  In history women fought for their freedom form these worthless laws. If these laws were never abolished, Marie Curie the inventor of radium, Kalpana Chawla the first Indian astronaut, Yuri Gagarin , J.k Rowling the author of Harry Potter and many more would have never existed. The beauty they gave , the reasearchs they did, the amazing discoveries they gave would have never existed. Who knows if it were not for them when they would have been discovered.

   Many old people believe that this freedom of womens is againest their religion but no religion in the world says a women can't be educated, women can't work , a women can't do this and that. These nothing's never existed in the religions across the globe. They were just created from stupid misunderstandings. Religion do say a women should always lookout for herself and be obedient to God. And this is what was misunderstood and became the reason for the  suffering of women for thousands of years.

   Even because of the thousand years of suffering the rose for their freedom and achieved their freedom. This bravery is evident enough to show the value and importance of a women. 

 I know that this will not reach many people, but even if it makes the life of a single woman better that is enough for me.

And I request to just be open minded and think of it weren't women but were men would this traditional orthodox still hold?

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