Essence of life

Life is a gift that is bestowed upon every being by God. Life can’t be created but can be destroyed by a single mistake. Life is born when two souls meet. It starts to get used the moment we open our eyes in this filthy world. We are born with neither hate nor love, neither a desire to win nor lose, neither the desire to Kill nor to save someone, we only get one desire from our existence that is a desire to live, a desire to survive in this world. We cry in our mothers arms to get the warmth of the sun. We laugh to make our mothers life fruitful. But when we start to grow up we start losing what we came in existence with.

       We start to hate and envy others for what they had got. We start to fight for something that isn’t worth it. Never do we thank our existence what it gave us, never were we thankful for what we had. This feeling of always wanting, then turns into greed. This greed turns us all into something that we never wished for. Humanity , the most beautiful thing starts to fade from our hearts leaving us empty. We become something that can neither be spoken of nor be described. These achievements then led us to our demise. What If instead of hate we have been thankful for what we had? we had been wanting to become what we truly were? Then would have our hearts stayed with the warmth that we wanted? This warmth of sun is what a heart truly means.

  Now we start to reach the end of our life with the body that is already empty and then our hearts get too dark for anyone to see anything. This is known as true death. Even though we can talk but deep inside we are dead. No emotions rise up because everything had already lost the way in the darkness of our hearts. This darkness then doesn’t only effect our existence but also those we had cherished, those people who had their existences connected with our , In other words our beloveds who had their lives connected to ours. This can only be a ray of light that can ignite the fuel of our sun again and let those lost in it find a way to escape and surface. This ray of light can only be achieved if we had someone we cherish with our existence.


                                  This ray of newly born sun who had forgotten how to shine can be swollen by the pits of darkness when the cherished one fades away. When it happens the sun loses its will to shine, again and again. And then sun may never shine again to illuminate the way of others. It may shine but with the light that is too dark. This light may indicate the regrets or will of vengeance.

Now one moves forward with a dark light which can never illuminate someone’s path.

This light can only leave people lost in the abyss of darkness with no escape. And their Sun starts to loose their wills too. Then comes another ray of light but a very familiar one, one that has been forgotten a long time ago. The seemingly endless love and warmth that one longed for when we had only two wills . Yes, this is the love of a Mother which never change no matter what time it may be. This Love is the one always ready to sacrifice it for our sake. This is life .Yes ,the love we had forgotten became a reason our sun started to shine in the first place. But the desire of this filthy world made us forget everything we wanted to cherish from the start. A will to love, save and suffer for others sake is what we get from our mother and this indeed is the true meaning of life. The will to hate, resent, kill or make others suffer what we picked along our long journey and This is what we call the death. The death doesn’t mean when our body stops working but when our soul becomes dark, heart becomes a stone and the blood becomes cold. This is what we suffer for and make others suffer.

        In this world everyone takes life for granted. Never thought why we possess it. Never try to utilize it to its max. We take lives, we kill, we start wars as nothing. Only those who know the losses in the wars are afraid of it. No matter who wins or loses a war, no matter who emerges as a victor whether they be enemies, demons, devils or any other, it can’t change the fact that lives are lost, you can’t change the fact that someone lost someone beloved to them. This gives birth to endless cycle of hatred which can’t be stopped. As long as there are wars, there will always be victor and loser, there will always be casualties and there will always be hate. And there will always be those who suffer and yet they didn’t contributed in this damn war. Forcing someone can never achieve love and war can never achieve peace . Life lost mean a candle faded in the abyss of darkness along with others whom he considers as his beloveds. This is not someone would want to wish for.

Life is full of happy, sad, surprising and envious moments that make it the most valuable thing needed to be cherished.

Consider your life very important because of the people you are connected with. Be thankful for what you have and cherish the ones you love as you cherish your own life. Once life is thrown away, it can never be gained again.





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