In our country, owing to all learning being in Sanskrit from the ancient times, there has arisen an immeasurable gulf between the learned and the common folk -Swami Vivekananda.


“Dev Bhasha, Devvani, Devanagari and many more, our ancient exquisite language- Sanskrit, has a significant impact on our daily lives. The ancient language containing the antediluvian literatures of the world. A language which has taught us the lessons of life through its ocean that contains many pearls of wisdom. It is the source for Vedas, Sastras, Kavya's and is the language of gods. Sanskrit has always been effective in binding people together, of all over the world, culturally. It lies in this unifying force of Sanskrit Importance of the present day for India. The more perennial it is, the substratum of emotional unity and cultural harmony will thrive, the less! Fissiparous propensities, which could not be part of the game. Be decree totally.


In the espy of today’s era, somewhere the Language has lost its purity that essence of our ancient culture and that pulchritude of livelihood. Where some has started to regain the knowledge of our historic roots, others have divided it into the political and religious bother. It is precisely this fusion that is stirring up a new controversy in a country where language politics has always been an emotive and sensitive issue. People have a misunderstanding that it is the language of the Hindus "Ninety-five per cent of Sanskrit literature has nothing to do with religion." It's a debate that's unlikely to end any time soon in a country which boasts of several hundred languages and dialects. And while the government says it has no hidden agenda, there are some who wonder if the motive is to educate or to indoctrinate young minds.

The dialects will never cease, but if we came up with its significance, its beauty that inspired us, its classic profound texts we will definitely embark a new glory to our lives. It is quite evident that Sanskrit is the source of all the world's languages and not the source of any language. As such, Sanskrit is the divine mother tongue of the world. “Sanskrit” language, as has been universally recognized by those competent to form a judgment, is one of the most magnificent, the most perfect, the most prominent and wonderfully sufficient literary instrument developed by the human mind.


People in every corner of the world, make headway towards this exquisite language. It is the best way to unite all with each other in every best possible manner. The Nobel laureate physicist, Dr. C.V. Raman, claimed that Sanskrit was the only language that should have been the national language of India. He said, "Sanskrit is flowing through our blood. It is only Sanskrit that can create the unity of a country. "It is true that a national language is a very important element in the growth and self-realization of a people and a community.


The most claimed language to be perfectly spoken once learned, has a wide learner all over the world. Almost every language has those little smidgens of Sanskrit in it. Our true books, Vedas, Upanishads and many older texts which are regarded as the finest piece by our society, even though they are translated in many different languages, still they are not complete without its original essence, one should have read them once in his mortal lifetime to gain that universal enlightenment which can never be found in any clime any position any quarter. Its pious, its idiosyncratic, its evermore!

On the end, we can say that Sanskrit or Dev Bhasha is our ancient worldly goods, which needs to be kept piously and to be explored with each entity, though it is difficult to learn but not impossible! But it’s the medium to bond our souls with that divine insight, which makes it easier to connect with us, it's high time to revive our mother language and make it spoken language once again. Hence the language becomes the key to unlock the treasures of our past, to understand our heritage and to set ourselves on the path towards happiness!


 llसंस्कृतंभाषाणांजननीअस्ति ॥


The only solution to be reached was the findings of a great sacred language of which all others would be considered as manifestations and that was found in Sanskrit.” -Swami Vivekananda.

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