It is known to us that the practice of leadership and management helps an individual to achieve success in life. This report is also concerned with these two aspects. The significance and the meanings behind the concepts of leadership and management are described in this report. Moreover, this report also deals with the justification of various distinctions that are usually drawn between leadership and management.

·       Leadership can be characterized as an interaction by which an individual impacts others to achieve a goal and coordinates the company in such a way that makes it more firm and cognizant. Management is the demonstration of getting individuals together to achieve desired targets and goals by utilizing accessible assets proficiently and successfully.

·         Leadership means the qualities or skills that a leader possess and these qualities can be impacted by the leader’s attribution like convictions, qualities, morals and characters. Management is highly important for any business or institution. The manager, head of the managing department, is responsible for completing things generally with the help of other individuals.

·         Leadership is a quality that should be present in a manager, i.e. leadership is a subset of management. Whereas, management comprises of five certain qualities which are planning, controlling, leadership, organizing, and staffing.

The trait theory centers around the pioneer and the characteristics he shows. Specific kinds of attributes make pioneers more successful. For instance, Steve Jobs, who was known for his mystique, used to possess the capacity to enthusiastically express his dreams made individuals need to take cues from him. The style theory recommends that pioneers aren't conceived fruitful, but they can achieve success based upon learnable conduct. For example, a leader who offers a money reward for workers who meet an objective. Hence, the range of meanings that are attached to the concepts of leadership and management are well established here.

The justification of the distinctions between leadership and management are mentioned in the following.

·         Leadership is related with getting individuals to comprehend and believe in things as per the leader's vision and to work with the leader to accomplish his/her objectives by staying within a proper management, which is about regulating and ensuring the everyday things are occurring as they should.

·         The leaders possess a plenty of individual who generally follows him. Whereas, managers also possess a lot of people under him, and those people actually work for the manager.

·         Leadership is more about motivating and inspiring the other individuals so that they can follow their leader and achieve success for their leader as well as for themselves. On the other hand, management is more about organizing, supervising and planning so that any work or any project can be executed in a smooth manner.


In this report, the meanings attached to the concepts of leadership and management are described. Also, this report contains a brief justification of the distinctions drawn out between leadership and management. Thus, from this report, one can learn that both leadership and management are an integral part of any business or organization. Both of them goes hand-in-hand, and for any company to become successful, both of these aspects should be present.

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