Top psychological facts showings 


why do we feel certain things in a certain way,

why do we do what we do and our reaction to certain things happening to us in a particular way.


1) Did you know the very last person that you think of before you fall asleep is the one who's either season for your happiness or grief.

2) Death is possible because of a broken heart? Yes, it is called STRESS CARDIOMYOPATHY.


3) Did you know about 90% of people text things that they can't speak verbally in person.

4) when you associate any emotional meaning to music or song that you here then it turns out to be your favorite music. Now think about what's been your favorite

5) Are there expenditures that are of higher value to you in person? YES: money spent on experiences will always hold greater value to you

6) Those who understand sarcasm well are usually good at reading people's minds because sarcasm will make us look for greater meaning in a person’s words thereby understanding their perspectives.

 7)The way we look and dress has an influence on our minds. Dressing well most often has a positive influence and helps keep our mind stable and happy.

 8) Did you know instantly responding with sarcasm to a silly question is a sign of a healthy brain.

 9)Women with higher IQs have a little harder time finding a mate.

 10) All types of cells in your body react to every single thing that your mind says. So negativity compromises your immune system and can render you sick and weak.

 11) A person who always tries their level best to keep everyone around them happy ends up feeling the loneliest.

 12) when you act as though you own something it's more likely that you’ll be buying it.

 13) Did you know the more good things you talk about someone the more likely are you to fall in love with that person.

 14) people who are greatly fascinated by serial killers are better conversationalists

 15) Every time you try to remember a past event, you are actually remembering the last time you remembered it rather than the event itself.

 16) Benefit of marrying your best friend there is over 70% reduction in the risk of divorce and the marriage is more likely to last a lifetime.

 17) Intelligent people tend to have fewer friends in comparison to an average person. The smarter the person is the more selective he gets.

 18) Travelling boosts brain health and also reduces the risk of heart attack and depression.

 19) Did you know people are considered to look more attractive when they talk about what they really are interested in.

 20) Holding the hands of your loved one can make you feel pain less keenly and also reduces your worry.

 21) Our emotions don’t affect the way we communicate while the very opposite is true the way we communicate has a greater influence on our mood

 22) ever wondered does your heart really feel the love? actually no, hearts got nothing to do with "being in love" its brain's chemical reaction resulting in love emotion









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