Hello everyone, hope you guys are doing well. I am here to give you a free advice start developing a habit of charging your Mobile phone , "Monsoon" is coming, it's not fictional thing like GOT but it's horrible as same as fictional. 

Since our childhood we faced this demon which makes us sad , abnoxious is called "Power cut" (Litrely goosebumps (due to rain )). There is serious rivalry between rain and power cuts. We can't expect their presence at the same time. It's like Modiji didn't go to a tour, right? Yesterday there was rain, i didn't know about it until power cut, for like 2 hours when rain stopped after just half hour of power cut. That time I thought this could be topic to write about it. Guess what I don't have habit of charging my mobile, like most of us. 

Everyone think during that time of power cut "Why, god why?" As power comes back we are back to square one. So I did little research, so I can bring something to table. Below are insights of that research, I mean why:

1. Poor planning of infrastructure.

Like cities are not built like that, that can't be  harmed during an accident caused due to electricity power lines breakdown due to rain. Which will result chaos and human soup.

2. Old equipments for supply.

Old transformers which will trip instantly during these situations which will further delay of supply and which will result financial loss of people.

3. Water is good conductor of electricity.

I don't have exact numbers of volts that thunder can generate but it's lot that can easily burn people. Rain will be acting as supplier cause we heard stories about thunder hits at higher point (transmission towers) as they are conducting electricity.

4. As water is conducts electricity so good it can cause fluctuations in transmission lines even if there is zero presence of thunderstorm. Which will result more damage to transformers and all.

5. Sometimes there are chances of falling trees over transmission lines which are really obvious in India. Cause I seen some line straight goes through a tree. I don't know what was they were thinking.

I think that's pretty much I had in my mind.

So next what should we do during these times.

1. Be patient.

2. Spend time with your loved ones and family.

3. Think about your past decisions ( Nothing you can do about it but it helps to pass that time) 

4. Just don't overthink.

5. Take a nap. ( If you don't have problem with total silence)

6. Play games 

7. Watch a movie ( if and if you charged your device to the full)

8. Keep in mind this will pass.

If you have any ideas you can share in comment box also you have own research which is technically sounds cool then do the same. If my thoughts are not that good , info that as well, I will try do better next time. 

Good Night.


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