Back in the day, I was enjoying playing game called "Among us " with my friends. At the time I never heard the word impostor before or what it means. After googling it that hit me hard( Person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others).I stopped playing game now , but that Impostor thing is stuck in my mind. So here I am trying to do better with my writing, I hope that's what you readers say it.


Impostors were among us since like beginning of mankind. That's how mankind survived in early days. It's like ethical 'impostorness' . We heard it about impostors from 'Ramayana' and so from other religious books or storys. Even the Britishers ruled over us for over 150 years because of that.I don't want to brag everyone out here from their graves but it was what it was. 

Current Situation:

Currently impostors upgraded themselves with time . From their point of view they have to, as per my experiences impostors are not holding any values, ethics nowadays. They are more concerned about their goals , which is good thing for them, but not for others, whom they are trying to deceive. More likely they don't even know they are the impostors among us, do they? I think that's problem, if they knew, they are dangerous to society and if they don't that means that's their nature or lifestyle which is even more dangerous to society. Their past life or the Human Rat Race making them this way , but people are seeking to deceive people for their own good. They don't feel bad about it. In other hand they feel succed I guess. Is this becoming new culture or what? That's the question I have in my mind. Then what about the people who will become the victims of those Impostors? They better upgrade themselves too. To survive in this cursed world.


From my experience, be aware of people who uses words with sugar coat. Those are the most seeking ones. Never trust anybody when there is involvement of profit and loss. Specially with sugar coated people. Trust yourself and think about every possibility of deceiving. In every sector of life there is race going in mind of people. Everyone wants to win that race. That's why there are nobody who will willing to do some good for other or for humanity. World become a theatre where everybody wants to be the greatest showman around here. Specially impostors kind , that's why they want to use people as their puppets. We know what happens to the puppets after show, "nobody cares"! So don't be a puppet exist as a human being.

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