Can you imagine that one can relate trees to a particular religion?

The Shiv Sena has demanded that the BMC plant trees like peepal and banyan that are holy and sacred to Hindu culture across the city.

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Peepla is the only treee that emits oxygen during day and night unlike others that emit carbon dia oxide in night. Banyan tree is shady. The suggestion is welcome. No doubt, the trees are significant to Hindus. They worship Peepla tree. But this cannot be a reason for rejecting the suggestion. 

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Thank you said by: epraneeth77

Agreed with Gulshan Ji, The tress should be planted on merit basis and not based on religion. We can add neem tree also which is as good as banyan and peepal. We can add Cheed and other trees of this family.

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Thank you said by: Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

No tree verifies one's antecedents, precedents or religion. They give their cool shade to all. It's we the narrow minded see all these useless petty things.

In fact some trees are related to specific religions, like Hindus worship, Pipal, Banyan, Tulsi, Neem etc because of their beneficiary properties. I would like to mention other religions have particular trees related to their faith like Christians have Fir Tree and Muslims respect date palm, olive, etc and a certain religion worships cedar, pine etc.  But I repeat the trees should be planted according to Geo-conditions and benefit of people as a whole.

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Thank you said by: Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

Worship is directly related to a belief pertaining to a religion but, here I stress upon the utility aspect of a Tree. Here I'd like to add. There is an Ayurvedic medicine that is sold with the name "Panch Tulsi". Non - Hindus do not purchase Panch Tulsi simply because Panch Tulsi is made from a Plant worshipped by Hindus? If I want to avail the medicinal qualities I would buy Zindatilismath an Unani medicine.

Trees do not have any religion; it is man who imposes religion on them based on his faith, beliefs and spirituality. Let his beliefs save him. Anyway,  it is always good to plant any tree that gives shade or have some medicinal value, without bothering about its religious background. 

You're free to follow your faith and beliefs, I'm not a hard core believer but don't mind watching people worshiping, banana, banyan, pipal and tulsi. 

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Tulsi is being worshipped for both religious purposes and therapeutic purposes.

The whole point of making trees such as peepal and banyan sacred to Hindus is simply because they are indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and have numerous medicinal and other benefits. So even if they are labeled as religious to just one community, planting them is good for us in all aspects considering our geophysical and meteorological conditions. Here I must point the fact that even though foreign trees such as raintrees, gulmohar etc. do quite well, they are proving detrimental to our geographical conditions. So planting indigenous trees is prudent and if any one is opposing them on religious beliefs, they are welcome to get out of our country.,

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I agree with you Kalyani. Peepal and Banyan trees are considered holy and sacred for Hindus.. But these trees were useful for every community and religion, offering their cool shade without asking the religion of those who sit under its shade. For example the world renowned Banyan tree of Adyar in Tamilnadu  which is in the premises of Theosophical society of India is 450 years old. Did any one question the religious aspect of this Banyan tree?  No. Religion has become a pretext to the political parties to throw dust on other religions.

The overall utility aspect has to be taken in to consideration instead of questioning a tree's origin of the religion/


Thank you said by: Kalyani Nandurkar
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