In Delhi, the MCD workers were on strike for their salary issue. Now after promise from government side they called off the strike. The political parties are now entering in the issue and try to make profit out of it. Members of each political party can be seen picking garbage to blame other party for the situation in Delhi.

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Then "Opportunism" is the main characteristic of Politicians. They see an opportunity in every conceivable aspect to throw garbage on the other political rivals. There is nothing new.


Only honorable high court ordered the state government of Delhi to release salary funds, and then LG with request from state govt. released it. What is happening in capital territory, everyday there is drama and news channels have feed too, here I feel, I am in greater peace at this eastern state than staying in capital with so much drama.

If dramas are not created the very survival of the dirty politicians will be at stake. So dramas are imminent.


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