Today, tomorrow or the day after…. Whatever….I have been trying for a while to start this immensely beautiful journey, which I am certain will be, but I have come across thousands of reasons assuring me that today is not the day but will come someday. When Noone knows. But, today is the day and I know that. Nothing special, no motivation, no upliftment, no encounter of something extraordinary or anything to give that spark to. But, it is the day today to start with and I know that.


Well, we tend to see the motivation to start something but what can motivate us is not something awakening in our lives but us who can awaken ourselves at any time and the right is the time when you do it not the one when you think of doing it. So, start today, with what you feel like doing, what you yearn to do for long enough to get a push in life. Be that push yourself and find the motivation within you.


Start your journey from today on just a casual day and embark on the day as the one when you initiate and took a step forward towards achieving your dreams. It is we who make the day memorable with our deeds and else no date or day would have been special to date. People acquire that sense of wisdom, knowledge, skills, etc and get remembered, and awarded on a particular day which makes it special but ultimately it's their deeds which make it and not the day. A day could be casual to one and special to the other. So, try to mark every day of your life as the one to be remembered for as success is what you earn today and not tomorrow.

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