we live in a diverse society with various religions, beliefs, customs, etc, but it's very likely to get a group of people throwing judgments on everyone. It's almost impossible to satisfy their expectations as a member of the so-called society. you might be wondering why am I beating around the bushes! it is because recently an unfortunate rape incident happened and it was really depressing but you know what was more depressing? It is the mentality of the people who still live in the Stone Age. Did you know that more than 80% of people think that rapes happen because the victim provokes those felons? well if this is the case then I can't see a reason why a 3-year-old child gets into the same situation! Maybe those judgy people think it's her mother's fault for dressing her child in short pants and a crop top. So what is it that defines a decent dressing? Is it a saree or a kurta or a burkha? Can dressing be so stressful? We men were never told what to wear and what not to, but a woman might be told a million times that she can't wear this. Did you know there is a dress code for women throughout their life. when you reach 16, no to shorts, start wearing kurtas. when married wear only a saree and in case you're a widow, you can't even think of a colorful dress for years but a man obviously needs a 2nd wife just after the death of his wife because man has needed right? oops! seems like I got diverted from the topic. so my point is have you ever thought of the roots of these discriminations? let me cut the crab, it's women only. women are the roots of their own sorrow. When women start believing in themselves, standing for their own community then all these sorrow will come to a happy end. So let the revolution start!

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