Hi All,

Welcome back to the exiting revenue sharing program on boddunan. Here is the list of eligible members for the November 2010 shares.

RaviPrasad------------8266 (4 shares)
Abid Areacode------------6233 (3 shares)
sumitbe------------5943 (2 shares)
ra_k------------4420 (2 shares)
smartkaus------------4107 (2 shares)
ceeem------------4007 (2 shares)
nagalakshmi.karunanidhi------------3394 (1 shares)
bolisettypradeep------------2729 (1 shares)
gkajmani------------2540 (1 shares)
kporwal19------------2306 (1 shares)
geethapacl------------2268 (1 shares)
neetu020784------------2232 (1 shares)
abhishekdua------------2022 (1 shares)

And here we go with the revenue details.

Total number of shares: 22
Total revenue earned by boddunan: $172 or Rs.7482@43.5/$ (rounded)
Revenue share (25%): Rs.1870.50
Revenue Per Share: Rs.85
Moderators Share: Rs.374

Congratulations to you and wish you all the best.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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Revenue Per Share: Rs.85 makes me reach my 1000/- mark

thks for announcement of Revenue Per Share: Rs.85 ,& i feel nice & happy to be part in that list .hope to so more strong competition from Boddunan.


Good to see that sumit and Congratulation to all the share holders..I think the share has slightly decreased from previous month. :)
Congratullation to all of you . next time I may be in list of revenue earner.
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Santosh Kumar Singh



Got two shares,Wow! Congrats and best wishes to all!
Congratulations to all winners.

G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

Congratulation to all the winners. Hope to more active members in this month.

Want to make each day Accountable

Congratulations to all the revenue share holders.!!! :) :) .Let us all try to contribute more and more to Boddunan.
Congratulations to all the revenue share holders of the month....
Conngratulations to all the winners good show by all the members I think revenue share this time is the highest per 2000 points ie Rs.85.

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Revenue Per Share: Rs.85 makes me reach my 1000/- mark.
it's my first Boddunan Revenue Sharing Program awards. & i Got four shares.
Congratulations to all the revenue share holders of the month....
:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
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