Here is the contest Caption for "best display picture contest"


Winners and participants will awarded with points this week:

winner : 50 points

runner : 30 points

participants : 15 points each

Rules for this contest are here!

Interested members,

Common Friends Post your Picture In this thread as well as your avatar!
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Very good topic Sajeetharan. Here is my entry for this week... :)

Thanks 'n' Regards,
Sorry... I think there is problem in uploading my image.... Here is my entry,... :)

Thanks 'n' Regards,
Deepti still your image is not visible here!

So am uploading yours again!
This is my entry..
Thanks Sajeetharan. :)

I was unable to upload it!!!
City_Life.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)
City_Life-20100905.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)

Thanks 'n' Regards,
Here's mine display

Hope you are aware of this contest rules...You must change your avatar too.
OK sorry Sajee. I will change it now within few minutes. thanks sajee for informing me.
my entry for this week
Nice picture Neetu. Keep it up. I hope another will like it......
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