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Here is my entry for this week
Wow!!! Many entries here.. Hope this week the contest would go on well... :) :) :)

Thanks 'n' Regards,
Yes deepti, i did not expect this much..

this week's entries are

1.Sunny singh
6.Amit warkari
8.Deyani(change your avatar otherwise you will be eliminated)
Contest of August 31 is starting on August 29... :silly: :silly:

Very soon I will post my entry... It is under Construction and production!!! :woohoo: :woohoo:

Software Engineers never die...They just go offline.
Heres my entry for this week contest,all the best to all my friends.....

29 and 30th of this month are just for entry. contest means voting starts from 31st..Hope you got it!
Thanks Sajeetharan! I got it!!

Jasmeet! not able to see your entry. Please re post it.

Software Engineers never die...They just go offline.
This one is mine
Jasmeet where is your image?

Try to post again..... :)
I tried to post a picture here.But it does not work.Can anyone let me know what is the method to post?Is it require a URL?

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