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Congratulations to all the winners and I am happy that even my name is announced this time.
Congrats to all the revenue sharing Members .i hope next month more members on this List

With Regards
My warm congratulations to all of you and it is matter of great pleasure that the number is rising.
Maverick .. its good to publish the site statistics in such a detail manner.. it will help the members to know about the progress of our site...

Congrats for all the members in the list..

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I congratulate all the winner.. I think in May revenue was good then this month..anyhow i think it will improve as i saw many new members joining the site... :)
we should reach 200$ which is our next target.. maverick also guaranteed extra % share if we cross thismilestone...

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Many old faces had returned to site.So in this month we can expect more.

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You are right Abid. We can expect the share to be more and in return the share be less ;) :P
It is good in one way... :)

Thanks 'n' Regards,
congrats to all the winners hope their is a huge increase in traffic in future and we all the members would love it.
increase in traffic for our site is the target of all boddunan members... its our site.. and we have to work well..

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