What are the adverse effects of chemicals on agriculture?
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Instantly we get more production by using chemical products in cultivation but latter it spoils the soil.

It spoils the soil quality,spoils food quality and taste,and also spoils the consumer's health.
When using chemicals it spoils everything which belong to living life.

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With the help of chemicals we get good production, but it spoils the health


Chemicals have adverse effect on plant and intaking the same by humans have also have negative impact on health.
chemical are good for agriculture if you take in a proper amont if take it excess it change the plant fruits by effecting its color shape and size.
The organisms in soil are destroyed which had extincted many species from soils.

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chemicals in start helps to good productivity of crops of any type but extensive use of chemicals make soil less fertile and finishes its nutrients this causes arid soil.
Using chemicals on agriculture is good for best productivity but excess use of it may lead to spoil the form

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Generally they are used for avoiding any insects to cause damage to the crop. But now-a-days the chemicals are becoming stronger so as the insects. and the results are faced by humans.
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