Hi All,

Please join me congratulating and appreciating the top contributor of Boddunan for the month of November 2013 - Rambabu.


- Good day.
P.S. Please check out other top contributors on home page.

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14 months ago a lump of raw material with imperfections writ all over, with rough edges entered the portals of Boddunan

And if this material is shaped in to a an entity named Rambabu and standing amidst his own ‘Role models’ its due
to extreme patience of
Gulshan, with a strong belief in Boddunan ‘Kutumbakam’-
Epitome of erudition Usha-
‘Ever willing to help’ attitude of Sunil-
And Kalyani, who talks straight from her heart without mincing words, with a fierce determination to upkeep the sanctity of the site-
Maverick, the Monarch, whose invisible presence is felt in every nook and corner of his brainchild, Boddunan.
I owe my gratitude to all of them.
Many hearty congrats to Ram babu for this stupendous achievement, :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


Thank you said by: rambabu
Hearty Congratulations for the recogniton that has been given to you for your valuable contribution here ! I sincerely hope you win many such laurels in the coming months , all the best :)

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

Thank you said by: rambabu
Many congratulation to him.. Nice to see him and other active members who got the place at home page.. Looking good all of you. Keep it up.

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Thank you said by: rambabu, Kalyani Nandurkar, usha manohar
Many heartiest congratulations Rambabu! It is your solely hard work and determination that has brought you these accolades! Keep it up! :) :)

My warm congratulations to Sunil, Usha, and Gulshan too for your valuable contribution. There are many who are not featured on the Home page but their contributions also are no lesser than others and are equally valuable! Three cheers for the Boddunan family or as Rambabu has said, Boddunan Kutumbakam! :) :)

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- W. C. Fields :)

Thank you said by: usha manohar
Great job Rambabu, My heartiest congratulations. I am sure you will be there forever, well done mate. :)

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Thank you said by: rambabu
Heartiest congratulation Ram Baboo. Indeed his contribution to the site is clearly visible.

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Thank you said by: rambabu
Heartiest congratulation ! Rambabu

This is a really great achievement.
I hats off to your great contribution and sincere work.

All the best.

Be positive
Thank you said by: rambabu
I would like to congrats Rambabu for being in the top. Others have done well. I wish you all good luck for the next month's contribution.
Thank you said by: rambabu
Warm congrats, Rambabu! All the very best on winning this award!!
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