Where is the list of DFAA awards.Admin.please update after 07/10.Wheather is it stopped?

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Ram Prasad,
Astha may be busy with her works and also with her real life as her engagement is just over.

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Though it has been a long time since the last DFAA, I don't think that it has been stopped. I think it will be listed soon...!
I hope so but still no list decleared,Admin please note it.

may be admin person is busy. we should keep calm and wait for the results.
I think Aastha,who is managing this DFAA,should give half of her work to somebody,so that it makes east for her and the members of boddunan.

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I think a solution to this is about to come very soon as stated by Maverick sometime back in the forum. Hence holding our patience is the key of the hour...!
Yes,we should not be worried about DFAA,wait will give you good result.

Want to make each day Accountable

I apologise for the late response for the DFAAs.

I will update it very soon.

I hope your patience.

Aastha Gupta
Thank you said by: ajay
Thanks Aastha for your prompt response and nice to learn that you are going to update the DFAAs very soon...! :)
Thank you aastha as you are a busy person you replied to our doubts. :woohoo: :woohoo:

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