This Sunday evening, northeast India and Nepal has experienced earthquake which took heavy toll of life. Around 114 people died in Sikkim village and 200 peoples are still missing. Rescue team are presently at work. Rahul Gandhi meet victims at Gangtok hospital and surveyed the earthquake affected places.
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Yes this will be good news for them as a human being he is doing good thing.I salute for this.

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Definately. The earthquake that hit Sikkimwas about 6.9 Richter scales. The tremor was experienced in Paschim Banga, Nepal and Bangladesh at 6:10pm.
This is the right time to stand behind them.we should all stand behind them in any way. Rahul is doing excellent job.
He is definetely appreciable for his good deeds whatever maybe his inner thoughts.
This is good to see that they personaly visited their and share people emotion..
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