Sorry for being too late to declare the result of this exciting GD.Yes it took time because there were 15 participants in this GD and 53 replies.When I scrutinised in between I fell ill.OK leave it.THe topic was -

"What are the causes of the family breaking ? What are the remedies?"

Most of the participants had given very valid reasons and remedies.But I am helpless as there can be only two winners.So

First Prize : Mr.Ajay

Second Prize: Mr.Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

The 50 bonus point winners are Santhosh,Gulshan,Sharon,Ajay,Devigan,Pallavi and Pearl Leo.

Congratulations to the winners.

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Very interesting topic, sorry to have missed it!

Many warm congratulations to you both Ajay and Gulshan! :) :) :)

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

Thank you said by: ajay
My heartiest congratulations to the winners of the contest.Bast wishes.
Thank you said by: ajay
Congratualtions !

To Ajay and Gulshanji.

Be positive
Thank you said by: ajay
Many many happy returns of the day to Mr Ajay and Gulshan. Keep it up. Good work.

Santosh Kumar Singh


Thank you said by: ajay
My heartiest congratulation to Ajay and Gulshanji.....
Thank you said by: ajay
Hearty congrats to both the winners. I am unfortunate to miss the GD.

Arise Awake and Rest Not till the Goal is Achieved.
Thank you said by: ajay
Really this one is special for me because for the first time I have won it after being runners up twice before.....and special thanks to Abid and Kalyani who has always been a source of inspiration and support for me right from the time I joined this site.....Congratulations to Gulshan ji and all the other members who have participated in this group discussion....I am more than happy today!!! :) :) :cheer: :P
Congratulations Mr.Ajay for your prime first prize GD winning.Thanks for your good words.

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Thank you said by: ajay
Congratulation ajay for the first prize. I also congratulate others for fifty bonus points and for their lively participation.

G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

Thank you said by: ajay
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