Hello Friends,

The topic for the discussion was based on the Reality Shows and the effects(both positive as well as negative) they have on the psyche of today's youth. I am glad to say that the discussion was very robust with some very good points put forth by everyone. Thanks for the participation and my warm congratulations to the winners. :) :) :)

Winner - Pearl Leo - INR 50 plus 50 points
Runner-Up - Ajay - INR 25 plus 50 points

Winners of 50 points for active participation:
Lohit Seth
Abid Areacode
Gulshan Kumar Ajmani
Rajani K

Thank you everyone once again!

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

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congratulations to all
Thank you said by: Pearl Leo
Congratulation Pearl and Ajay on winner and runner up award and others for lively discussion and bonus points.

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Thank you said by: ajay
Congrats to pearl and ajay for winning the contest of Group discussion.

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Thank you said by: ajay
Congratulations to all the winners of GD contest as well as bonus point winners.

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Thank you said by: ajay
First of all, thanks to Kalyani for selecting such a nice and interesting topic for the group discussion!!! I congratulate Pearl for winning the group discussion and at the same time I would like to thank all the participants who put forward their valuable thoughts into the discussion and thus making the discussion really an interesting and remarkable one!
very good of all the winner and better luck for future.
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