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Hello everyone,

I am back with the very first topic of a brand new contest! :)

Since 8th March is celebrated as the International Women's Day, let's start with the topic A Woman - you all know her as a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter etc. etc. so many roles, so many facets to a single woman's personality. Write about what you feel defines a woman! Be as creative as possible, make it humurous if you can, but be original!

Rules for the contest:
1. Should not be copied from any other sources.
2. You may use a quote to illustrate your point, but only ONE quote is permitted.
3. Typo, spelling and grammatical errors will be considered while judging, so please be careful and use a dictionary/spell check.
4. Entries posted TODAY and TOMORROW only will be considered.
5. May use a picture or image if required, but file size should not exceed 100 kb.
6. Last and most important - the post should contain minimum 50 words and maximum 150 words. Posts with less than 50 words and more than 150 words will be disqualified.

There are three awards as follows:
1. The winner - cash credit of Rs. 50 plus 50 points
2. Runner up (Second Prize) - Rs. 25 plus 50 points
3. Third Prize - Rs. 10 plus 50 points.

Go for it guys!! Start posting your entries!!
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"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

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The Creator of Human Race sent me to this world by my Mother. This clearly shows she is the messenger of God. She was my first teacher and still she is one. Everyone around this world knows very well that mother plays a vital role in a family and also in a nation. What ever mistake i make the only person with open hands will be your mother. Even if i fail to show my love towards her she will never ever fail to show her love towards their kids or towards their family members. Even Nature will erupt if human beings cross the limit however our Mother's will be so patience and will never show their anger towards us. I like to quote like this "She's my teacher, adviser, and greatest inspiration"

She sat with her father to share her plight, exhausted that tiring night.

"Dad, I’ve a life so strange, at every step I had to change. Look at me from a girl without woes, to a mother now with ample chores."

"Child, you are a woman, a special creation around, who brings happiness to everyone you surround. You’ve been a daughter who's shown care, a brave sister in your sibling's despair. As a wife you make your man complete, as a mother you guide your baby's feet. You’ve evolved from sand to pearl...you have become a mother from just being my little girl. You have evolved to fit the stride, to work and make everyone beam with pride."

"Dad, we’re a special creation I don't doubt, but there are still things I wonder about. If evolution exists as one understands, why did God give us just two hands?":)


Women: Equal partners

"Frailty- thy name is woman". So a novelist defined woman. The double social standards on ethics and virginity render women vulnerable. Male chastity is not considered so sacred as woman's. A woman's loss of virginity means loss of 'honor' unlike man's. Parents are so scared that they do not give freedom of movement to girls as to boys. Hence, women were placed in secondary position. Things are changing. Women are picking courage and boldly entering activities earlier closed to them. We may expect that in course of time double standards will go. We shall proudly say- Strength: Thy name is woman.

Rightly, woman is considered 'better half'. She is also referred to as 'fair sex'. This proves her relative superiority and fairness.

Let us neither glorify women as 'goddess' nor treat them with contempt. They are equal partner in nation's onward march to peace, progress and prosperity.

G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

The word woman is often tied to weakness as both start with “W”.But none looks to the fact that ‘man’ is hided inside woman !

According to me woman is the lifeline of earth.God created Adam first , but to keep earth lively he created Havva soon , the woman who is the real cause of all our existence in this earth.Woman’s social status is highly important.

A child’s first school is his mother’s lap and what he learns from there is the light through out his life.If a girl is brought well a family will be brought well and if family brought well a society will be brought well.Child always keep an affection to mother due to her soft and soothing touches which can be provided by a mother only.

Last a famous quote - "Behind Every Successful man There is a woman".

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Okay!! The idea behind this contest was to have traffic on the saturdays and sundays, but since there was very minimal praticipation, its okay for the posts submitted today! Since this is the very first contest, maybe we should keep it on for another two days!

More entries are welcome!

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

The world for a women moves around terms like pain, sacrifice, love and care. Modern women are completely accustomed to these terms and also to a new term “Equality”, which is helping them move along with men. But, the status of women is not comparable to men, when coming to baring pain and sharing unconditional love. The famous quote: Man endures pain as an undeserved punishment; woman accepts it as a natural heritage. Even our nature is called as “Mother Nature” which symbolizes that without it human race could not have come into existence or cannot survive further.

I will start with the famous proverb that goes like this behind the success of every man there is a woman. Whenever I think about this proverb I feel how true it is! Really behind the success of every great man there is a woman in the form of a mother, sister, friend, teacher etc. She inspires us when we are down to the grass foot level, she showers her love when we are in deep pain, she teaches us and we learn from them. I just imagine what would have been to this world if there would have been no woman in our lives. God has created her as a complete blend of all the important characteristics. She has patientce, she has understanding, she has liking, she has a big heart to forgive and forget. We are thankful to the almighty God for this wonderful gift.

woman is the important character in this world. Without woman nothing is there.Thats why the poets compare women with Nature. As woman beauty is compared with nature.Now a days woman play a big role in every field.woman are sensitive and even strong also.they handle every situation very carefully.She is a mother, sister,daughter, grand daughter, girl friend, lover,wife, grand mother,collegue etc. She always try to be perfect in every character of her life and satisfy her people.She takes lot of pain. She stays behind of her family.There is a saying that behind every man there is a women.woman are the important role models in this society.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Sarala what you written is OK.But did you look the title of the thread?It was a contest that closed.

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Oh no , Sorry I didnt notice the duration. Actually by seeing the topic name woman, I felt to write some about it. so did. But i didnt notice the duration. So is there any problem by writing after the notice period. I didnt wrote this , by expecting something. As it is about woman. so i felt like writing some lines, especially as am also a woman.IF there any problem by attempting after the contest please let me know.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

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