Hi All,

Here is the list of eligible members for the month of December. To encourage new members we have exempted 20 days limit in this month.

chinmoymukherjee - 7675 Points
Santosh Kumar Singh - 6280 Points
Parthiban - 3071 Points
Anusha.M - 2966 Points
Lubna K P - 2923 Points
Radhika - 2888 Points
Amita Singh - 2665 Points
Abid Areacode - 2528 Points
Harish Jharia - 2505 Points
MC - 2457 Points
Jobin - 2428 Points
Tinku - 2402 Points
Meean - 2336 Points
Lohit seth - 2264 Points
Muthu Anandha Krishnan.K - 2138 Points
sathish - 2108 Points
Amit Warkari - 2096 Points
V.Arunkumar - 2073 Points
Balachander - 2008 Points
harish suthar - 2005 Points
God's Favt. Child - 2002 Points

Total revenue earned for the month of December $148(Rs.6690 @Rs.45.2/$)
Revenue sharing for each member: Rs.79.64

Congratulations and wish you all the best for the coming months.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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Congratulations to all the members of Boddunan.So this time the number of share increased as well as the total revenue also increased.Next time we may have more revenue.Try from today itself.
Happy New Year to All

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Congratulations to all the members who share the revenue.

Thanks for adding me as a member for revenue sharing.

Harish Jharia
Congrat's to all eligible candidate.I wish you all will continue this effort this month also .. happy new year 2010 for of all you.

Santosh Kumar Singh



Congrats all to boddunan members who are selected and got gift of Revenue share. Previous month share of each member was 120 rs and this month 79.64. Revenue share of boddunan is increased but share for members is decreased. So we have to increase the traffic on boddunan, so revenue share will get increase for each member. So Come on all members.
hi Maverick,
That was a great move to exempt the 20 days limit.I actually thought i won't get the share of revenue this time because of this 20 day limit.So now it feels great.I am truly encouraged and very happy also.Thanks a lot. :) :cheer:
boddunan rocks :)
Good earning this time by boddunan i think all member should keep working to earn more revenue .

Santosh Kumar Singh



I also in the list for first time.Really I also feel a boost to be here for more time.Let us make it too good.
I Congratulate to all the boddunan members who got revenue's cash credits. Contribute and make this website exciting.

Ronark Bhardwaj

Want to make each day Accountable

I would Like congrats all members who have got Revenue share from Boddunan.
But I have a doubt last month Boddunan earned around $108 and this month only $148 members are getting huge points and Boddunan aslo getting lot many page impression.
But I think members are just trying to get points so working very quickly and not staying in the page for 5 second also.
which is very bad and negative from the side of advertisers so friends as all of you know after getting 2000 points you are going to get some share so please do not run behind points work properly so that instead of $148 we could earn $250 this month.
Lets work properly for January month and take Oath that Boddunan will earn more than $250 in january
Its good news but earning reduces for us this time because lot of elligible candidate so we all need to do work properly instead of running behind point only.

We need to complete on 2000 point so why we run extra. just keep working properly.

Santosh Kumar Singh



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