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This is right. It will be more useful to act sincerely rather than getting points quickly. The system should also be generated to disable getting points very quickly. For example, a user gets one point immediately on clicking an article. so even without reading a single sentence, one point is earned. So there must be gap between reading articles. Alternatively, there should be points for writing comments on article and no points for mere raeding or clicking. Writing comments on polls could also be made compulsory.

G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

Gulashan, I agree with you that there should be a gap between each read of article. And regarding the points for comments, it is already existing for both articles and polls.

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Congratulations to all the members. I think the revenue has increased a little bit when compared to last month.As the no of winners increased, the individual share has reduced. We should be more active to increase the traffic.

I agree with gulshan's comments about article reading. I think when we post more than one comment within one second, it says "please wait for 60 seconds". Similar kind of system can be introduced for reading articles also.
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