Hi All,

Welcome back to the Boddunan Revenue Sharing program. Here is the eligible members list:

RaviPrasad------------6347 (3 shares)
sumitbe------------5303 (2 shares)
Verma------------4827 (2 shares)
sarala------------4047 (2 shares)
san tiw------------4000 (2 shares)
nagalakshmi.karunanidhi------------3400 (1 shares)
gkajmani------------2896 (1 shares)
ra_k------------2870 (1 shares)
surendra6------------2851 (1 shares)
smartkaus------------2442 (1 shares)
RAMACHANDRAN------------2326 (1 shares)
neetu020784------------2181 (1 shares)
kporwal19------------2117 (1 shares)
abhishekdua------------2006 (1 shares)
Abid Areacode------------2005 (1 shares)

Total Shares: 21
Total Revenue Earned in Dec 2010: $161
Total Revenue in Rs: 7003.50 @43.5/$
Revenue Share (25%): Rs.1750

Revenue Per Share: Rs.83
Moderator Bonus: Rs.350
So guys congratulations to you and wish you all the best for Jan 2011.

Happy Earning.

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Congratulations to all who have really put their hard work and hats off guys.

Congrats to all winners... This month i'm trying to get atleast 1 revenue share...

Vijay U
Thanks Maverick for announcing the revenue share results.Congratulations to all the winners!!!.

Please let us keep this thread in the first page and not push it back as many people are very much eager to know the statistics.
It is nice to see that there are some new recipients of the revenue. Congratulations to all eligible members in the revenue share.

G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

First of all congratulations to all the member who become a part of revenue sharing and thank you for all the people.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Thanks Maverick. I think the announcement has been made earler than it used to be in the previous month! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
Yeah i am also trying my level best to get one share at the max for this month.

Thanks for sharing the December Revenue Sharing with everyone Maverick!

Many warm congratulations to all the members who have earned shares this month!! Keep rocking!

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- W. C. Fields :)

M heartly thanks to every one of this boddunan members.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

After how many days should I hope to receive the cash credits? :) :) :)
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