Yuvraj Singh--The Next Captain



He is a very good all-rounder and there is a possibility to become an Indian cricket team captain ahead but he shouldn't take this responsible now which can give him lot of responsible and which can be diverted his overall mental and physical performance.

Unless Dhoni fails miserably with his performance as Captain, even if he fails as batsman and/or wicket keeper there is no possibility of Yuvaraj taking over the reins of Captaincy for India.With the commitment being shown by Dhoni and with the present luck riding him it is not possible for the selectors to change the captaincy.Like Sehwag, Yuvaraj is also injury prone.

There is no doubt that he is capable for the Captian position  but it is too early for him if he wants really a good playing record performance to expose in the future, he is very young and few years experinece in the cricket field which is not enough matured and to take responsible in other required related field. 

Hence he should concentrate on his fitness level and batting skills so that he will remain an asset to Indian Cricket for a long time to come.Like Sachin he can also contribute by giving moral support and tips to Dhoni during critical phases in matches.



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