Indian show in Davos World Economic Forum

Will India be the next engine for development that again is not a mere slogan but the topic of world economic forum going on in Davos, Switzerland?  There is no doubt that India has all the possibilities of economical development at a very rapid rate therefore, Indian government is keeping its hopes in personal investments coming from each and every quarters. 

Meanwhile, expectations are already very high for investment that will give boost to the industries as all the efforts are under process for establishing in startups which will need lot of money in the beginning. There is some doubts in the mind of investors but the investors that know about India and its democracy know the Indian democracy is nothing short of ‘free for all, but it works in the end. 

Most Indians support the way present government working style despite the fact the scenario might look chaotic to the opposition parties but that is natural as Indian democracy works very much in that particular fashion. We can’t force our opposition toe the line of government even if they know that government policies are going in right direction.

Let’s come back to the Indian growth story, there is no doubt about the fact that we are slow in certain fields but the way is wide open and we are moving in right direction. If India as expected focuses on getting funds from all sources especially foreign direct investment as equal partners in Indian growth journey there are possibilities that India can achieve a double digit growth rate. 

India with changed policies in industrial sector is showing signs of stability which is a crucial point for foreign investors to go ahead with their planned projects. Indian banking sector is showing excellent growth rate by adopting new technologies. The latest theme for the development is focused on industrial growth with a perfect combination in between banks and industry for future stability.  

Home Equipment and Appliances in India

It would sound like boasting but the fact that India is among the top countries with most number of domestic equipment consumers. Indian domestic manufacturers are not only producing large number of equipments and appliances but producing them with in competition with world’s best manufacturers. Companies like Super Domestic, TTK Prestige, Bajaj Electric, Hawkins, Havells India, Siemens, Crompton Greave, Godrej, Samsung India, Voltas, Usha and now Patanjali etc are doing a wonderful job providing quality appliances for Indian consumers and for export purpose.

Indian manufacturers took a hint from their foreign counterparts after the independence and soon entered in collaboration with different foreign companies but we have several indigenous companies playing the role of leaders among gadget manufacturers. If we go by the recent surveys the domestic appliances refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, kitchen chimney, microwave oven are fast reaching to maximum Indian households at a brisk rate and refrigerator still remains the most sold appliance of all these equipments. 

India and Indian manufacturing sector has improved a lot in last couple of decades. For instance, an Indian couple living aboard introduced a bread making appliance two years before which became an instant hit and now being sold in large numbers by different manufacturers. The story of Indian manufacturing sector began post independence but Indian government kept large manufacturers out of domestic appliances sector but kept this limited to smaller and cottage industry sector with a maximum investment limit. The appliances like ceiling fans, heaters, Irons and table fans were reserved for small industry sector only. 

The bigger groups like Bajaj and Usha were selling these products under their own brand name with their strict quality control but when the limit was taken off later and the bigger players like Birla and Tata entered into the field of manufacturing, the Indian domestic appliances scenario changed entirely. Now our appliances have become smarter, consume lesser electricity and work according to need of the consumer. For instance the washing machines manufactured a decade back had a single speed rotation but the modern technology used now let the washing machine do everything on automatic basis from water level to the drying point. Overall the Indian appliances and equipment has reached to a point where we can compete with international market.

India’s poverty and facts

India is the country with diverse cultural values is altogether different country that is growing at rapid rate but there is so much to see and learn for people coming from distant countries expecting to see poor and poverty. True, some of these are facts but there is another India story which one witness only when he visits India.

Visiting India will change some of your values and opinions. People from all over the world come here to see snake charmers, poverty, beggars and of course thinking they can travel in a distant country for one fifth of cost compared to other rich countries. But when they arrive here and see the rich culture and joy of life they change their opinion.

Tourism- A potential contributor 

India has so much to offer for visitors that come here for longer trips and visit places which showcase the rich heritage of this ancient country. If you please excuse me for saying so the visitors come here for seeing the richness of this country in true sense they see the real richness in people living a simple life in far flung areas having no modern facilities but inner peace and struggle for a better life but without any complaint whatsoever. 

The visitors that come to see the real beauty of India go to see Konark temple, Khajuraho, Ajantha caves, Valley of Flowers and Jammu & Kashmir. They go find it in Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa, Brackish Lagoons in Alleppey of Kerala and Dhanushkoti Beach in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu state. The travelers who come to see the real India goes to Kaziranga National Forest in Assam, Bhitarkanika Wetland in Kendrapara, Ganges Delta of Haldia, Meadows of Kanha, Coral Reef in Lakshadweep. 

India has so much to offer to Nature lovers in Himalayas starting from Hardwar to Kedarnath and Almorah to the Zanskar Valley one of the most beautiful places keeping visitors spellbound. People who come to see real India go to Kerala, the God’s own country, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to see the culture of the land of Rama and Krishna. They go to Delhi to see the glorious Moghul period, Agra to see the monument of love the Taj Mahal. I suggest you to come to India and see what is on the offer that will leave you speechless.

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