Oracle prvides these very important tools IMP and EXP, which we can use to import and export schemas, tables or whole database from remote database to our local database respectively. We can use this tool to schedule the import/exports.

To do schedule the import/export jobs, just write a batch file and schedule it using AT command available in WINDOWS. Similarly in LINUX/UNIX also we can do similarly by writing a shell script and schedule using any of the scheduler available in Linux/Unix.

IMP and EXP are used in four ways.
  1. Tables: To import/export perticular table we specify
  2. Owner: To import/Export all the objects owned by given user
  3. Tablespaces: To export/import tablespace
  4. Full: To import/export full database
Note: Using EXP command we cannot export the objectsc owned by SYS user.

Parameters for IMP:
  • fromuser: to import objects of given user
  • touser: to which user objects should import
  • show: this parameter makes the command to show which are imported and does not perform actual import. This may used for testing purpose.

Note: the structure of touser and fromuser schemas should be same in order to import command perform successfully without errors.

Parameters for EXP:

  • full: to specify the full export of database should be made
  • tablespaces: specifies the tablespaces are to be export
  • tables: this is for table export
  • owner: to export shema of the user
  • query: to restrict the exported rows using where clause

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