Friends, so one more new year in our lives to celebrate. How are you going to celebrate this time? You surely would throw a grand party for your friends and relatives. You cut some cake, arrange some fireworks and merry making, that’s how we all welcome the new year. But how will you remember the day of new year! I am going to make some resolutions for the whole year. Are you willing to join me? So make these your resolutions too.

KEEP SMILING - When you cry the world does not cry with you, but when you smile the whole world smiles with you. So smile at the silly mistakes you do, smile at the mistakes others do. Smile and try to make others smile. Smile is infectious. If you make yourself smile, it will eventually spread and the whole world will smile. Forget what you have lost, your tiny little stroke of smile can bring back more than what you have lost.

HELP THE NEEDY – There are numerous people on the earth who need your help. Stretch your hand towards them. For whom no day is special, for whom no day comes with happiness. Try to make a day special at least for one poor. If this spreads  everybody in this world will be happy someday.

EDUCATE THE POOR CHILDREN -   Though the government have made schemes and different opportunities are being given to attract the people living below poverty line to make their children study, still these people are engaging their children in work for money. So if you meet any try to convince them to send their children to school. Make them understand the benefit of education and the opportunities the government is giving to educate them.

PROTEST CORRUPTION - Have you seen someone bribing? Do you know some organisation or office where illegal activities are going on? I will surely protest and report to the law. Won’t you?   If you will help to make the antisocial fear the law only then we can eradicate crime. This can only be done if we will protest against any unsocial work we see.

QUIT BAD HABITS - I drink a lot of tea. I am going to make it two times a day this time. What will you leave? Smoking ! It’s very dangerous for health. No need to say as we all know smoking and alcohols are really bad for us as these invite many diseases which are incurable or very difficult to cure. So make this a new year resolution to keep these things at a distance.

WATCH YOUR HEALTH - It is said that health is wealth. Make a schedule for the whole. In the morning give yourself some time to yoga, meditation and exercises. This will give you inner strength and confidence to face the challenges in home and office through out the day. Meditation boosts up the confidence level within you. Sometimes listen to the music. good music gives peace of mind and enhances your energy level. Watch your food. Eat less fatty foods. Intake of fruits and salads will enable you to work without gettng tired.

 There are many more things that I am going to change from this year. You too start finding what you can change in your life. But make sure these resolutions are healthy for you, your family, and above all your country.

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