Swimming is a good practice.  All should know how to swim.  It is a healthy exercise.  It is also very delightful.

Many boys living in a town do not know how to swim.  They use pipe water from their childhood.  They are afraid of bathing in a pond or in a river.  But in village almost everyone knows how to swim.  In villages, there are ponds, rivers and canals.  Everyone has to bathe in them.  In some districts, during the rainy season, they have to go from one place to another by boats.  Hence it is very necessary for them to know how to swim.  Even little children in a village can wim in ponds and rivers.

In a big town, there are big ponds for swimming.  Boys are taught there how to swim.  Many people swim in rivers.  But it is not always safe.  There are crocodiles and sharks in some rivers.  Sometimes they kill and ear up men.

Swimming is a good exercise.  Swimming in the morning or in the evening in a hot day is very pleasant.  It improves our health because the arms and legs are well exercised.  Bathing in the sea is very good for our health.  Hundreds of men and women flock there during holidays.  If we can swim well, we can travel in a boat or steamer without fear.  If the boat sinks, we can save our lives by swimming.  Many people cannot swim.  Hence some of them are drowned.  We can also save the lives of others if we can swim well.  Swimming competition is nowadays held in many places.  Boys are thus encouraged to learn how to swim.  Some Bengalee youths have earned great fame as able swimmers.  The names of Prafulla Ghose and Rabin Chatterjee may be mentioned in this connection.  Some of them have swum continuously for sixty hours or more.  Everyone of us ought to learn Swimming.  It may help us in many ways.


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