Life is a little. Live with happy.

Life is for living. You can enjoy it if you make meaningful. You must be able to reason and think clearly. Confusion brings about more confusion and confused people never really know how to enjoy life. They never know what they want to do what they ought to do.

To make your life more worthwhile and meaningful, not only do you need to be orderly and disciplined, but you also need to love and care for others. This is what gives its charm.

Mother Teresa and others like her have found so much happiness in devoting their lives to the unfortunates of society. No one asked mother Teresa to do this. The desire to serve destitute and orphans came from within her.

Not all of us can be mother Teresa, but in our own little way we can care for those around us.

Caring for people is like watering a garden. You water the flowers to make them bloom. In the same way, a helping hand or even a smile can bring so much happiness to someone around you. Maybe, your old grandparents need a little cheering. Do you have time for them?

`` Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone.’’

There are times of course, when you are beset wit sorrow, difficulties and disappointments. What do you do then? At such times, you might feel hopeless and sit back. You want to give up just cry.

But, life goes on. And if you do not want to be left behind, then you must gather all your strength to cross this hurdle. Determination and courage will help you through the worst time in your life.

Again, your life is happy one people appreciate you and enjoy your company for your politeness and pleasing manners. If you manners are unpleasant, then they will avoid and shun you.

For instance, if you teacher accidentally drops a book, just when the school bell rings for you to go home, do you pick the book up and hand it to your teacher like the boy in this picture is doing? Or, do you jump over the book and make a dash for the door? The polite child will pick up the book but the ill- mannered child will jump over it.

Remember, ``Good manners maketh a man.’’ A ``thank you’’ here or a ``good morning’’ there, costs you nothing, but its gets you a smile in return.

Learn to your life well and you will go long way.

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