A person is considered fit only if his body weight is appropriate for the height, age and sex. A steady increase in body weight occurs due to high intake of energy rich foods and low physical activity. Also, continuous exposure of a person to conditions of stress is very much related to weight loss.

The principle behind weight management lies in balancing the number of calories consumed by the body and the number of calories used up by the body. This can be easily achieved by reducing the calorie intake, also known as diet restriction. Physical exercise is also one of the major factors influencing the weight loss program.

Hence adequate exercise combined with the restriction of calories is considered the best weight loss method. This way of reduction of body weight does not affect the health of the patient adversely. This method is termed as intentional way of losing weight, whereas weight loss occurring due to disease or illness is termed as unintentional way of losing weight.

The weight loss supplements are more prone to cause side effects than bringing about health benefits by reducing weight. One of the main side effects caused by these supplements is excessive gas formation. The gas formation might also occur as a result of excessive fiber intake.

Extreme weight loss is possible by following correct techniques and building up confidence. The various tools that are made use of in extreme weight loss program are calorie calculator, activity calculator; lose a pound calculator, body mass index calculator and waist-to-hip ratio calculator. These tools aids in discovering the step by step improvement in the weight loss program.

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