Have you ever hear the more you eat the more you eat more is your weight loss.yeah i know it is hard to believe but this fact is true that as we have foodstuffs that supply us with calories for example say that when you eat a piece of dessert 450 calories are supplied to your body in which 150 is used for digestion of that piece and the remaining is added as a fat which accumulates and  results into obesity.But there are foodstuffs which are excellent in negative calorie properties, i.e they need more amount of calories to burn then they supply. for example  cucumber suppose requires 250 calories to digest and provides only 100 calories then there is a loss of 150 calories which thus helps in reducing the accumulated fats.

Now based on this theory there are various foodstuffs which are having neagative calorie property.

Following are some of them













Amla Etc

Now let us discuss the activites and the loss of calories due to this activities

TYPE OF ACTIVITY                                           CALORIES BURNT/HOUR

Sleeping                                                                     55

Eating                                                                         85

Sewing                                                                         85

Knitting                                                                       85

Sitting                                                                           85

Standing                                                                     100

Driving                                                                        110

Office work                                                                 140

Moderate House work                                               160

Gardening,Planting                                                    250

Dancing                                                                        260

Walking(3km/hour)                                                      280

Tennis                                                                           350

Skating                                                                         420

Aerobics                                                                       450

Cycling moderate                                                         450

Jogging 8km/hr                                                              500

Skipping                                                                         700

Running                                                                           700

Following are the golden rues to be followed for healthy life

  • Drink lots of water(3 to 4 litres a day)
  • Eat lots of green vegetables
  • Eat plenty of protein
  • Breathe heavily
  • Consume less oil in gravy but spice it up with more of garlic,corriander,cinnamon,ginger,onion etc
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits,corn etc

You may have many types of investments,but for me health is the best form of investment.



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