My story

Dating is part of your life and you always want it to be more better. Now as you have entered the online world it is much easiler to discuss such topics. Also it has become more easy to get the help with the comforts of your own home. 

I started searching for the help online a few years back when I was in the college and I ended up reading a numbers of ebooks and articles on this dating. I never bought any book but whatever was available for free on the internet I searched for it. It was not that I needed a girl friend badly but I was just curious to know about the material which they had to teach to the people.  I wrote these lines about myself because I know that you might also have such a similar experience to share.

Now the question is this that has it worked in a good way with me? The answer is a little confusing for me also. As a matter of fact the number of girl friends has increased 3-4 times but the level of satisfaction was still not good. The reason was because I was still lacking the confidence. When I speculated a little more into the matter I found that the reason for this dissatification was that I read those pirated version of the e-books and I was guilty. 

Now few days back I thought to buy the genuine version and I did that. I ordered one of the ebook which I had read earlier and re-read a part of it. This time when I met my girl friend I was more happy with myself and I told her about my journey with the dating world. I read the ebook with her and asked her if this stuff really works with the girls, but she never minded about my question. 

My point about Dating

My point is this that if you really want to be happy with the dating you have to be honest with your Gurus, you girl friend and with yourself. 

First you have to find out what is it that you really want?

Then you have to give whatever it takes to achieve it but remember honesty is the best policy. If you are looking just for some romantic dates then go for it, if you are looking for a lifetime partner then go behind that.  The biggest problem with anyone is that they don't know what is it that they really want. So take a pen and try to write down whatever you want in your life. Then commit yourself to achieve it.

There are a number of people online who claims to be dating gurus but they hide themself from the world, for some unknown reason. The person whom I found most reliable is the "Neil Strauss" who uncovered the society of the pick up artists with his book "The Game".  If you want to know more about it then read this book but in a honest way.

The honest way is to buy the ebook through some online stores. If you want to know more abou the writer then you can search the wikipedia and you will find a lot about Neil.

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