Jesus Christ was an incarnation of humility.

Emperor Shivaji was a great ruler of the Marathas. His spiritual guru was saint Smarth Ramdas. Shivaji loved and respected his guru very much.

Once, along with his guru, Samarth Ramdas, Shivaji went to Sajjangad. He was constructing as huge fort there. At the construction site, Shivaji found thousands of people engaged in the work of the fort he had ordered to be built. Shivaji’s heart swelled with pride and he said to himself, ``there are thousands families working here, I have given them work and I feed them by giving them work. All these people are dependant upon me. How great I am.’'

Samarth Ramdas, who was standing beside Shivaji, heard his words. He wanted to make Shivaji aware of his pride. He asked Shivaji to instruct his workers to break a rock that was lying there. Shivaji immediately carried out his guru’s order. The workers split the rock into two. Shivaji was surprised when he found inside thee rock, a hollow space with a little water init, in which a frog lived. Samarth Ramdas turned to Shivaji and asked; Shivaji, are you the person who provided the space and water to enable the frog to live there?’’ how did you provide security and food for frog? It is wonderful!’’

Humility is a wonderful quality. It is the quality of the great. The greater the man, the more humble he is. A noble man never boasts of his qualities, because he knows he owes them to god.

Nobody loves a clever, but arrogant boy. Nobody loves a rich and an arrogant girl. It is wrong to be proud of knowledge and wealth.

The whole world knows about the qualities of Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda and Mother Teresa.

If you want to gain knowledge, be humble; after you have gained knowledge be even more humble.

Truth, non-violence, kindness, sacrifice, love and compassion are all the qualities of humility. A humble person is loved by all.


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