The science teacher was showing the class an experiment. With the help of an ordinary piece of glass, he reflected the sun’s rays on a sheet of paper. Nothing happened to the paper. Next, he refracted the sun’s rays through a lens. The rays passing through the lens collected upon one spot on the paper, and it burst into flame.

The teacher asked his students why this was so. The children were clever. They replied: ``because when the lens was used, the rays fell on only one spot.’’

The teacher pleased with the answer. Similarly, if you learn concentrate all your strength on one thing, success will surely come your way. If your attention is distracted by unwanted thing, it is difficult to be successful. Let us take an example for the epic Mahabharata. Guru Dronacharya was teaching his disciples the skill of archery, the art of using a bow and an arrow. He decided to test his students. He put a bird on the branch of tree and told his disciples to aim at the eye of the bird. First he called Yudhisthira. As Yudhisthira was taking aim, Dronacharya asked, ``what can you see at this moment?

``Guru! I see everything’’ replied Yudhisthira.

Same this answer from the all students, expect Arjuna.

Arjuna replied, ``guru! At this moment I cannot see any thing except the bird eye.’’

Guru Dronacharya was happy. ``you, Arjuna, are the only one who has understood the art of taking aim,’’ he said.

In real life too, this should be your aim. You should concentration with your mind and body on whatever work you are doing. You should pay full attention in the class. When you are reading book or learning a lesson, your attention should be entirely on what you are doing.

When you do one thing at a time, you are able to pay full attention. You are not distracted. If you try to do too many things at one time, you will not be successful.

So, do one thing at a time. Do it carefully. Pay full attention and concentration on it. You will be a winner.

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