Good friend ship

Do good friendship. Do real friendship.

Very often you say, ``he is my friend’' or ``we are friends’' but have you every asked yourself, `what dies friend ship really mean?’ have you wondered about the kind of feelings you have for this person? More importantly, how do you feel about yourself when you are with this person?

Friendship is not merely one person’s feelings towards another. It is a relationship between two persons. Of course, affection is the basis of friendship, but true friendship is like a cloth of many thirds. It is woven out of affection, trust and loyalty. It grows stronger with time and is not affected by distance.

Your friends can bring out the best in you, and make you feel good about yourself. They are people you can depend on. They encourage you to do well and make you feel happy with life. And you do the same for them. Unselfish friendship is a great blessing. Good friends share our triumphs, failures, fears and ambitions.

A good friendship relation is there between lord Krishna and Sudhama in Mahabhagavatam.

Sudhama’s family was poor while Krishna, being a king, was rich. But among in friendship is high quality.

Krishna and Sudhama were students at the ashram of the great guru Sandeepani. There they became friends for life. Years went by. Sudhama became a priest in a temple in Mathura. Krishna became the ruler of the clan of Yadavas at Dwaraka.

After of the so many years One day he meets him

Sudhama was happy to give Krishna what he could, which was only a packet of beaten rice. But he was reluctant to ask him for a favor. Friendship was sacred to him and he did not want to use it for gaining anything. He valued Krishna’s friendship more than anything else in the world.

The friendship of Krishna and Sudhama shows us that true happiness lies in making our friendship happy.




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