ADP is the leading Payroll Processing provider in the United States. It has over 6 lakh client base with over 9 billion revenues. The company has branches in India at Hyderabad and Pune.
Place: Hyderabad
Interview pattern: The interview has conducted in three stages namely Technical interview, HR interview and Senior Management/Client Review.

Technical Interview

The company is basically focuses on the candidates with the sound exposure to the basics of what they learn. The interviewers mostly concentrated on the basic concepts rather than going in depth. Especially they are looking at sound theoretical skills for the people having less than two year experience.

For the technical interview, two interviewers have interviewed me. Out of which one is keenly observing my gestures and my behavior, emotions etc. The other person is has very sound knowledge in the topics he asked me. Even if I diverted him to the topics which I know better, he is managed to get the best out of it.

The very first thing they asked me "Tell me about yourself". I have explained what I am, how sensible to the things I am, my interests, my comfortableness with the different technologies etc. They have listened everything without disturbing in the middle.

Then they asked some questions in data structures like trees, stacks, queues etc. They even asked me to write some programs using trees and graphs. The language which I am most comfortable is C. So most of the questions are from C but some of the questions they asked in Java as well.

Some questions they asked:
Difference between arrays and pointers?
Ans: Pointers are used to manipulate data and they actually point to a location in memory, * operator is used to access data. Arrays uses subscripts to access the data but similar to the pointers the subscripted variables point to the actual data on memory.

What are static functions?
Ans. Functions whose scope is limited to the source file it is resides in.

What is the output of i in i=0;printf(i++); printf(++i);
Ans. first print it is 0 then in second it is 2

Like these they have asked about 20-30 minutes. They touched some concepts like OOPS concepts, Java basics etc but they are minimal.

HR Interview

If you are able to complete the Technical round, you are almost get selected. In the HR interview, the questions like tell me about yourself, some attitude testing questions will be asked. If you are able to be confident of what you are saying, it is simple to complete.

Management Review

This is just a formality and 99% of the chances that you got selected. If you miss here it's pure bad luck and is an extreme case.

After 3 rounds, I got selected with the company.

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