Nowadays, most common problem in any industry is JOB LOSS. Most of the employees in the subordinate or lower levels are scared of the news that are coming out everyday. Especially the people who are working in the export sector like IT, Jewelery etc., are most worried as one by one of their colleagues are loosing jobs and bad news are coming out everyday.

What's happening? Why people in all countries have to suffer when one country made mistakes? The answer - We Are Working In Globalist Country.

This is not only limited to the export sector jobs but it applies to everyone. This is because the effect on the economy growth is cyclically dependent. What does that mean and why?

Take for example, you are visiting a Multiplex. If you observe the situation there a few days back, you would have found huge crowd in all the shops buying different items, watching movies, spending a lot on eatables etc. From where these crowd came and where they get this money? They are the people who enjoying the fruits of globalism. They may be engineers, doctors or any person whose income levels grown over the time. If you see now or after some days, you will not find the same situation. Because the downturn started and people are fearing of their future.

When privatization started in India, it produced huge number of job opportunities and at the same time the spending power of people has increased. When global companies entered, the economy saw multi-folded growth and the purchasing power increased in the same way. This produced many more jobs in all the industries like Retail, Consumer Durables etc. So when the down turn started, the same companies start cutting the expenses and removing the employees. No country will be shielded from this until and unless it is self sustainable. How many such countries can you show me?

So what we cannot do is stopping all these in this recession time and what we can do is making our-self recession proof. How? Read on.

  1. Save Money: Money makes wonders and at the same time blunders. It can do anything. Handle with care. Thats all we can say. If you make money to good use, and save it, it will save you in the future. If you show the way to go away from your pocket, you will scare when it is not reachable to you. How to save money? Start controlling expenses. Minimize the movies you watch in a month, going to restaurants etc. Best use of your home as entertainment hub will give much better results.
  2. Shred Credit Cards: Credit cards are the best way to go into the unrecoverable disaster. How many times you find an item which you buys is out of reach of budget and still you bought just because you can make payment on credit card?

    Break the Credit Card into pieces, throw away in the dust bin and call your bank's customer care and ask them to close your account. Now start using your Debit Card. Find the difference in few days/weeks.
  3. Get away from the loans: Loans are the most easily available tool for the high earning people to spend and enjoy. But are the harder elements of life to pay back. Why not using the money that you have and avoid taking loans. The benefits: Mental relax, financially soundness. Don't you agree?
  4. Buy all the goods you use at a time and if possible buy them at once for more than one month or for an entire year. Benefits - You will get discounts, save money, sustain to the future surges of prices. Do you remember the inflation levels a few weeks back?

    Debatable question: How do I know that the prices are low and what if the prices dropped after I bought the goods? See next point.
  5. Keep track of your budget: Most of the people don't mind spending without any track on their spending. But if you write all your spending on daily basis starting from the chackobar you bought to the TV, you will notice the difference in your spending month by month and you can answer the question where I have to cut down my spending? For the previous point's question, you will find how the prices of goods are going if you categorize your spending.

    For example you write your spending by category like Provisions, Entertainment etc. Now see the difference month by month or even granular level. If the prices are stable over the time, it is the time to buy in bulk. If they are increasing/or in peak state, wait for some time.
So start saving money now. It save you in the future.

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