Date of exam: 15-Mar-2009

Exam pattern
Two papers:
1) Objective comprises of 225 questions.
2) Descriptive comprises of 4 questions.

Objective Paper
Each question carries 1 Mark, Total 225 marks
Time: 2 hours 15 minutes time
0.25 negative marks for each wrong answer.

All the questions are very basic and do not involve lot of calculations. Anyone can easily attempt all the questions provided they are pretty fast in analyzing the problem. The time is the key in writing the exam and hence it is very critical to know the right answer by reading the question in first attempt. The more quicker you can analyze the more number of questions you can answer.

Reasoning-75 marks
Quantitative-50 Marks
General Awareness-50 Marks
Verbal-50 Marks

Descriptive Paper
Write any 4 out of 5.
Each question carries 25 marks. Total 100 marks.

1) Explain how can one manage users in Unix Systems.
2) What is SCSI? Explain ways of back up data.
3) What are events and event driven programming? Explain events in .Net.
4) Why replication done in SQL server? Explain data replication methods.
5) Explain issues and concerns in implementing application security of E-Commerce solutions.

Overall, the questions are easier to solve, however you need speed to solve more questions.

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