Nesting bird-nesting_bird

People live in houses, snakes in holes. Bees make their homes in hives and birds in nests. They build their nests during nesting time.

Nesting times are busy times birds fly busily about looking for a place to build. The nest must be safe. It must be hidden. In must be warm and comfortable.

Perhaps one bird will choose a place under the eaves of roofing; another wills kind builds behind a picture on a wall. Sometimes an old teapot may make a nest or maybe an old she.

But most birds build their nests on trees. They are clever builders. They use strong grass and straw and bits of wool and string to tie the nests to the branches of the trees. For the nest must not fall when it the wind shakes the tree.

The bird makes the nest strong on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside with moss and cotton, grass and leaves.

The nest is where birds lay their eggs, and the moss and grass keep the eggs warm.

All day and night one of the birds sits on the nest while the other flies out to bring food. For days, the bird sits on the eggs and then one day the eggs hatch and the baby birds come out.

How hungry they are! They have no feathers all and their heads are blad. But their mouths open wide as they cry cheep-cheep for food and more food; so the parent birds must work hard bringing home grub and worms and flies for their hungry little ones.

Gobble – gobble – gulp go the baby birds and they grow. Day by day they grow stronger and stronger. And then one day the parent birds know that it is time to teach them to fly. Birds must learn to fly.

Next time you are outside in a quiet, shady place, watch out t for parent birds teaching their young to fly. Be very quite and still or the birds will take fright and fly away. If you want to watch birds you must be very, very quite and patient. Some people make bird-watching their hobby.

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