Result is depending on your perfect work. Good result is with the work of skill. Do with work hard best result guaranty is there.
  • If you work hard, you can become a scholar.
  • If you work hard, you can become a good orator.
  • If you work hard, you can become a good writer
  • If you work hard, you can become a good doctor.
  • If you work hard, you can become an efficient businessman.
  • If you work hard, you can become a good sportsman.

If you just think and do not work, your progress will be slow. So is a man of action, your progress will be faster.

Nothing in this world can be achieved with out hard work. A fine example of this is the little bird. Watch how she builds her nest, bit by bit. She carries grass up to the chosen spot blade by blade. She carries tiny twigs one by one. Many times it happens that the wind blows away the blade of grass. But she does not give up her effort. Ultimately, she completes the nest.

Success does not come at once. You have to work hard for a long time to achieve success. The doors of success do not open at the very first knock. It is quite possible that you may not be successful in your first effort. But if you try hard, again and again, you will certainly succeed.

Honey bees collect honey slowly and gradually, until their hive is completely filled up with it. Little drops of water fill the pot; so it is all with hard work. If you work hard regularly, it leads to real success.

Work is worship. So, if you work, success comes to you, no matter whether you are rich or poor.

a)Our farmer Prime Minister Lal Bahudur Shastri was the son of a farmer.

b) Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest president of the united states of America, was also the son of a poor farmer.

They became great by dint of their hard work.

All you need is the desire to reach your goal and the determination to work hard. This is very important. If you have a goal and work with determination towards it, you will be successful.

If you are unsuccessful, maybe it is because you have not tried hard enough. So, go ahead and try harder. Take the steps forward.

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